Adding Weight to Patio Outdoor Umbrella Stand

Posted on Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor umbrella stand – Such as a thin metal pole metal materials and a base; umbrellas are often surrounded by a glass table. Open umbrella can be moved or even crack or whether the wind trapped beneath the fabric. A heavy iron base filled with sand or weight keeps an umbrella in place.

Determine the diameter of the outdoor umbrella stand has. You can read the label on the umbrella pole to find the size, or open the umbrella and measure the diameter with a tape measure. Remove the umbrella table and base of current support. Typically, this is done by pressing the rounded button in the umbrella pole near the top of the stand base. Push pin and pull up on the pole at the same time. Tape a string into the hole on the table to reach the ground, allowing the whole table to be aligned with the new base later.

Replace the base with an iron or a plastic base filled with sand, a weight determined by the diameter of the outdoor umbrella stand. Line up the hole in the new database with the chain hanging from the hole in the table. Replace the umbrella pole sliding into the hole in the table below and the hole in the iron or plastic base. It is not necessary to keep the pin again, because it will automatically open when the pole goes into the whole table and the hole in the base.