Best Basement Windows Treatments

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Basement windows are very small and famous leave very little light, not to mention having seen mediocre at best. That said, it does not mean you have to give up these windows completely. With a little effort and strategy you can make your basement windows seem larger and cooler.

Select fabric is chiffon and pure; something that will maintain a certain level of privacy, but still let in plenty of light. Cut a piece of fabric about 2 wider than width of window inches. Install a decorative curtain rod, a rod made of wrought iron or one with decorative accessories in it. Measure length curtain so you just hit floor, but do not touch.

Sometimes, if you have money, best answer for small basement windows is to expand. This is a particularly good solution if you consider renovating your basement as an investment in your home. This will involve hiring a contractor to dig new wells windows around your window, and for some it may mean cutting through concrete.

larger windows allow natural light to flow into space, making it look more habitable. This increase in amount of daylight will allow bringing more plants to basement to do happiest space and help hide an unattractive view.