Best Wood Dollhouse Furniture to Chose From

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Wood Dollhouse FurniturePecans are the type of wood which is suitable for doll furniture. The type of wood grows in miniature and soon, if not already has become a dominant type of wood for doll furniture. This is a lighter color than oak and when the density of wood actually falls on the harder side of the oak and most other woods. This strength is why they have become the most trustworthy option for furniture or home flooring modern options. Pecan pieces went very well with traditional, trendy, or colonial doll kit.

Dummy manufacturers use tables to help you make sure that you buy the right size item for your doll house. The most popular standard for wood dollhouse furniture is a scale of 1 inch.  This item is built on a quarter inch, or 1:48 inch wide, and. This means that one inch of doll furniture represents 4 feet of doll furniture. If you do not know the size of the furniture you need for the doll house, use a ruler to select the height of the floor up to the ceiling in the basement of your doll house. The height of 8-12 inches translates to a scale of 1 inch.

Half-inch tables wood dollhouse furniture will have heights between 4-6 inches; for a quarter-inch range. There should be 2-3 inches between the floor and the roof. Offer unfinished furniture and furniture sets the same satisfaction and freedom you get from building your doll kit. The furniture is already unfinished but can be decorated any way you want.