Big Open Kitchen Plans

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Big open kitchen plans to Amplitude You can move around the kitchen freely. It allows me to have room to place tables and chairs, so that we do daily life in the kitchen. In turn, the size allows me to have a large fridge and many storage units, etc. decided to move to a corner for two reasons, first to put the silversmith over the sink that is a comfort.

Second to clear the space under the window as it is connected directly to the backyard where we life in summer, thus passing the food, plates turn between the fridge, hob and sink.

Big open kitchen plans, if we eat in the kitchen everything is at hand. If we eat in the courtyard, had things out the window or door communicating with the courtyard directly. but to be in the kitchen emplatando or finishing cooking, or taking something out of the oven or whatever without losing a second conversation with your guests.

Design big open kitchen plans informed of the kitchen and living room furniture wanted to be in line to not look out excess other furniture are wooden. The curtains and other decorative elements are of youthful colors for a more casual feel.