Build a Wood Island with Storage and Seating

Posted on Kitchen Island

Build island with storage and seating wood kitchen island will cost you a pretty penny, so you’ll save a bundle and build your own. Fit the plates in a rectangular frame, which have the edge recesses forming a frame; Refund edge inside edge of the frame. The mitered ends form right angle corners. Make a hole in the center of each bonded joint from the side frames 30 inches, then screw the frames together using pre-drilled holes.

Place the slab 28 inches in the box with the edge inner recesses-it fits perfectly inside. Predrilled holes five inches across the top of the slab in the edge recesses. Lift the slab, apply wood glue along the downgrade, replace the slab and screw. Install the box is flush with the ends of the legs over the edge of the empty frame. Put two legs in this way, the alignment with the ends of the frames, making sure that the frames island with storage and seating are at right angles to the legs.

Pre-drill a hole that goes between the legs and frames, then lift legs, apply glue and screw the legs down. Rotate the whole structure along, place the other two legs and attach them as it did the first two. Place the island with storage and seating upright in his new legs.