Building a Kitchen Island with Wheel

Posted on Kitchen Island

Building a kitchen island with wheel version of it yourself, you will not just be creative with the result, but to save a few bucks in the end. Determine the size of the kitchen island with wheel based on the available kitchen space. Find a kitchen table to reform. Use your own or find a deal on a garage sale or thrift store. Use sandpaper to rough grade under the table and prepare for painting. Apply two coats of paint (1-2 hours between coats for the paint to dry completely).

Have a piece of butcher block countertop cut to fit the table. Connect the counter to the table with screws under the table at the four corners and center of each side of the table. Another option is to skip the butcher block counter for a country farmhouse look. Turn the table over and screw the wheel at the bottom of the legs of the table as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Purchase wheels with a locking mechanism to keep the kitchen island with wheel  instead. Place two counter stools style backless chair at the table for guests to sit and meet the hostess while preparing food.