Changing Cabinet Doors to Beautiful Shaker Style Kitchens

Posted on Kitchen Design

The appearance of the doors of your kitchen cabinets has a big impact on the atmosphere of the whole kitchen. Beautiful shaker style kitchens cabinets are popular because they are simple and straightforward, but also pleasing to the eye.

The panels in Shaker door frames give a kitchen a more finished look of the cabinet doors are built out of wood blanks. You can buy doors Shaker style cabinets preassembled. Open the cabinet doors and examine the hinges that hold them in the cabinet. If the doors are held by hinges European style, it can remove the doors by disengaging the hinges then remove remaining half of the hinge of the box with a screwdriver.

Proof of the hinges that go with beautiful shaker style kitchens doors keeping up the screw holes of the old hinges. Cover the holes of the old screws that will not be covered by the new filling them with wood filler hinge, allowing it to dry for at least 4 hours, then giving it a light sanding. Hold the doors of the beautiful shaker style kitchens cabinet structure so that the hinges are in position. Insert the bolts into the holes in the hinge screws, insert them.