Creative Narrow Bookcase Tips

Posted on Interior

If you have many books, arrange them decoratively on a narrow bookcase rather than stacking them in a box or hide under the bed. You can organize the books on a library shelf or wall so that accompany the overall appearance of a living room or bedroom.

As a starting point for the organization of narrow bookcase, all your books by size, theme or color and arrange them on a shelf classified accordingly. For example, create a whole line of fiction and other cookbooks. Another idea is to group books by color to create the rainbow effect. For books with covers of similar colors, like red or blue, side by side with the backs facing out. Another option is to classify the books on a shelf in order from smallest to tallest.

A creative alternative to stop the books vertically on a narrow bookcase, it is stacking. Make a pile of books with the spines facing out for convenience, ordered from largest to smallest. Creates stacks of different heights, and alternately stacked rows of books with vertical rows of books for more interesting style. An arrangement of stacked books is ideal if you have stacks of magazines to save along with the newspapers.