Crown Molding Ideas

Posted on Interior

An ordinary room can be transformed into an extraordinary decorative crown molding ideas when used. Crown molding comes in different widths and styles and can be used for a variety of purposes. According to the instruction, you can add crown molding ideas in the front of your kitchen cabinets, increasing them and makes them look completely different, which is much cheaper, but equally effective, than buying all new cabinets.

You can paint the trim a contrasting color from the rest of the cabinet or, conversely, paint the molding and the cabinet of the same color or slightly used different shades to highlight the new feature.

Crown molding ideas is often put in the corner where the ceiling and wall meet. A traditional type of molding, which is used to fill ragged edges and fill gaps or as a means to add style to a room. The molding can be plain or decorated. Ornate molding it goes from Cartouche, cable, egg and dart and dentil Guilloche styles.

Egg and Dart molding consist of a series of forms that are egg-like shapes alternating with anchoring tongue-shaped figures or forms of darts. Use dentil molding, consisting of closely spaced rectangular blocks. Rope molding resembles a twisted rope.