Decorate Minimalist Living Room Style

Posted on Home Furniture

A minimalist living room has a serene uncrowned and free general appearance of disorder that is often underestimated. Choose furniture that is simple in construction, landscaping and appearance. Only use parts that you really need in the room, you can ignore stools, decorative tables, planters and extra chairs. Choose a sofa and chairs simple as a rectangular style transitional or simple Chippendale. Avoid using decorative pillows or just a couple of them unadorned. Keep coffee tables or auxiliary aside.

Parsons believes styles, with simple wooden cubes, laminate and clear acrylic or metal tables covered with glass and stone. Be economical with the floor coverings or wall treatments. A simple sisal carpet as Berber or style on a flat hard surface is sufficient wall to wall carpets. Choose lamps and screens with simple minimalist living room designs. Avoid Tiffany styles and faceted glass. The lamp bases simple ceramic or wrought iron and bronze designs austere and contemporary work well.

Ads embedded ambient light from accessories such as cans and indirect light. You will not see in minimalism ornamental chandeliers and elaborate displays of lights without candles. Decorate windows or simply leave them uncovered. Curtains with tabs in a single iron rod, plantation shutters or wood 2 inches and Roman displays are some of the options for minimalist living room.