Decorative Outdoor Curtain Rods

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Outdoor curtain rods – There are many different types of curtain rods on the market, which each have their own application. The type of curtain rod degree necessary, be suspended depending on the kind of curtain, as well as the type of window hanging the curtain. outdoor curtain rods vary not only in style, but the cost. Simple, standard outdoor curtain rods are usually inexpensive, while more elaborate styles can cost much more.

Standard outdoor curtain rods, Standard rods are rods the plain-Jane hardware in the world of drapery. Use this type of rod for most common window treatment applications including hanging branches panel blinds, pleated and ruffled curtains and even some types of valances. Most standard rods are made of aluminum, because it can keep a lightweight material most light to medium curtains and drapes. Usually white in color, standard bars normally hidden by the curtain hanging on the road.

Decorative outdoor curtain rods, Decorative rods can be used with different types of curtains that can be hung with decorative curtain rings or valances draping over the bar. The hardware that is used to hang decorative sticks is normally designed to fit the poles, adding more decoration. Decorative finials, known as finials, are normally used to draw even more attention on the rods. Homeowners can choose from different shades of white, metallic and many different shades and stains from wood.