Distribution of L Shaped Kitchen Designs

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This type of distribution of l shaped kitchen designs, involves placing the kitchen in two areas in the form of L (L-shape), is an angle of 90 ° along two perpendicular walls together. This kitchen is both valid for closed kitchens and open to the living room and gets both a broader and practical kitchen.

The distribution of l shaped kitchen designs, it is common in the corner opposite the longest are located refrigerator and oven-micro column (if any), and then leaving sufficient separation, the cooking zone. The sink  in turn usually located in another area (the short side of the L) as often precisely that wall has a window or window that preclude placing the hood or the fridge while getting both a triangle work  comfortable and convenient.

The l shaped kitchen designs have the advantage over the kitchens in U only have a corner, which are always uncomfortable, so take advantage pretty good storage capacity. As a decorative tip, these kitchens are very good in two colors, placing at the bottom darker or alive and at the top a white or light tan color.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchen

The l shaped kitchen designs often use because it has high functionality and versatility. Cabinets and fixtures in this design aligned in two adjacent walls. And the remaining walls, if any there be partially open, open to other areas of the house or fully closed allowing other furniture placed according to the needs of each family, a small daily dining or storage furniture.

The l shaped kitchen designs allows more room to move, can become even more effective, finding the perfect job triangle which optimizes the work of cooking and cleaning. The triangle of work generally includes the cooking zone, the sink area and the area of ​​the refrigerator.

A small kitchen often need more storage space, lack of space to store supplies and kitchen products leads us to leave everything on countertops or conglomerate items inside the cabinets. If you are looking for a solution, l shaped kitchen designs usually add a center island in the kitchen of a size that is compatible with the rest of the environment. Allow save in lower than necessary, and the area of ​​the counter works as a small dining area or additional work area.