DIY Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

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Subway tile kitchen backsplash – As with any tile backsplash, the aim is to protect the wall of water, so that the pieces are sealed and glaze when you buy them. Mark the dimensions of the rear wall of the desired wall, using a pencil, level and square. Make the size of the area by allowing the use of all subway tiles complete without any reduction.

Spread subway tile kitchen backsplash adhesive on the area marked out using a notched trowel. Adjust the bottom row of subway tiles into the adhesive, pressing one after another throughout the section. Put spacers between the tiles, and below them, to separate the bar. Set the first tile in the second row above the lower reaches, at one end, put spacers between the two courses and between the tiles of the second year.

Repeat, working your way of course wall of course, keeping a straight grid pattern and space all the chips. Cover the entire area marked out. Let the tiles set overnight. Remove the spacers. Spread grout on the subway tile kitchen backsplash with a rubber float, using the long edge of the float to push the grout into the spaces. Wipe off excess grout with a damp sponge. Allow grout to set for 48 hours.