Elegant Travertine Pavers

Posted on Flooring

If you are thinking of upgrading a pool or deck area with cobblestones, travertine pavers could be a good bet. It has a simple, elegant and is naturally heat resistant and has a good touch appearance. Natural material extracted from earth, but also an ecological option to cover large areas of your living room outdoors.

Travertine pavers are a durable substance, and do not easily accumulate heat. Even on sunny days, travertine remains cool enough to touch and walk, so you don’t need to worry about burning your feet when leaving pool or try to enjoy some sun in afternoon. This resistance means that do not tend to move rapidly from hot to cold, which can cause cracking or breakage described in materials that absorb or emit heat more easily, such as concrete blocks or poured asphalt.

Although beauty is in eye of beholder, travertine pavers has an even smoother texture that is pleasing to eye and easy to walk. Its simple colors, earthy tones blend well together for variety of purposes, or you can choose to order everything in one color cobblestones for unified look. Their resistance extends beyond heat; it also resists stains, scratches and acid substances well, so it keeps its color and texture well over years.