Fashionable Futon Sofa Bed

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Today I bring you two basic when choosing a chair transformable options futon sofa bed. The futon mattress is a pretty low-from Japanese origin between 5 and 15 centimeters that works as a seat and a bed. Usually, it is supported by a mat, which serves to keep it aired.

Futon sofa bed is a flexible alternative to a multifunction space. It is available in different versions: filled with virgin cotton that is more adapted to the shape of the body or with a plate of high density foam in its center that helps keep the stuffing in their original format. They also come stuffed with wool or horsehair, which makes them much higher and it a good and economical choice for environments younger.

Maintenance Tips

  • Do not uses directly on the ground, need to be ventilated? In winter, with the difference of upper and lower temperature, they tend to wet.
  • Do not store futon sofa bed in very humid, and that being filled with natural materials can deteriorate.
  • Another fundamental aspect is that it is easy to maintain: should be as hygienic as possible because it will be a piece of furniture that not only use to sit but also to sleep.