Flush Mount Outdoor Ceiling Fans on a Sloping Roof

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Flush mount outdoor ceiling fans – Installing a ceiling fan instead of an existing ceiling light is not a complicated project, unless the roof is not flat. A sloping roof complicates things because the fan itself must have a level plane of the blades to operate correctly even if the roof Is level. You can get a special bracket that sits against the sloping ceiling and provides a flat surface to hang the fan. In addition, the fan blades must be dropped low enough for the roof off without running into the slope, since they become.

Turn off the power of the existing luminaries in the fuse box home. Remove the existing fixture by removing the screws and lowering it to disconnect the wiring above it. Remove the light completely. This will leave a black wire, a white wire and a ground wire bare copper exposed in a ceiling electrical box. Set your flush mount outdoor ceiling fans support sloping to the electrical box, there is mounting with screws. Adjust the level support, as directed by your particular model. Wrap the end of the copper ground wire of the electrical box to green ground screw on the mounting bracket pending. Tighten the screw.

Flush mount outdoor ceiling fans housing and the rod on the ground, according to the instructions of your particular fan. Black and white wires should run from the unit through the rod down, and the upper end. Take the ventilation unit on the stairs and keep it near the tilt stand. Lift the top of the rod down to the tilt stand. Mounted with screws that come with the kit, so the wires are tucked into the holder. Turn on the power and test motor. If it works, install the fan blades as instructed.