Fresh Ideas Color Schemes for Living Rooms

Posted on Interior

Are you planning to redecorate your living room? If you’re going to paint walls, we help with fresh color schemes for living rooms.

If we talk about color schemes for living rooms, as an option we have to consider complementary colors. These are those who are on opposite side on color wheel (cyan and orange, yellow and violet, magenta and green).

For example, red they bring joy and vitality, and in small doses combine well with relaxation and security that provide green. When a color predominates in a room, our brain tends to find its complement. So we must help with small touches that color, for contrast and achieve harmony we seek for our room. You can also try to mix several totally different colors … you get a result with much vitality!

White color schemes for living rooms also brings light and purity to rooms, in addition to that they appear more spacious. If you want to stand over your walls and maximize light, ceilings and doors painted white. Just do not forget to complement white with warm touches to avoid an excess of light and coolness using pastel colors to paint walls, add decorative elements (curtains, cushions, covers) and even add color to furniture.