Glass Railing Components

Posted on Interior

Glass railing can improve the appearance of a terrace or patio. Because glass railing not needs to be painted, they are kept in good condition for many years. They do, however, require frequent cleaning to remove stains from water and glass dust.

Although there are variations in style and exact components, there are some pieces that are fairly standard among packets railing. The posts are fixed to the deck floor, usually with screws or bolts. They stand and support the glass between them. The height, diameter, size, shape, color and material of the message vary between manufacturers and designs. The glass panels are the most important component of the glass railing.

Glass is generally between 4 and 6 feet long and about 3 feet tall. Thickness can vary between manufacturers, but is typically 1/4-inch thick or more and must be tempered for strength. The lower rail supports the glass panel and holds off the ground. The top rail is used as a hand rail and adds stability to the structure by linking the top of the posts among themselves. Both top and bottom rails to the posts are attached to both sides of a glass panel and hold the panel between them.