How to Build 24 inch Bar Stools

Posted on Home Furniture

Cut the to 24 inch bar stools. Draw a circle on a plywood 5 cm (2 “) thick and then cut the piece with a jigsaw. A diameter of 30 cm (12”) is recommended. Short legs. Cut three staves of 5 cm (2 “) diameter with the desired height stool. A greater height of 70 cm (24”) is not recommended for this particular design. Drilled holes for legs.

Using a compass, draw a concentric circle of 22.5 cm (9 “) diameter on the rear face of the stool. Divide the perimeter of this circle into three parts. The easiest way to do this is to place a block of 2.5 cm (1 “) under the 24 inch bar stools but only support half to then lean to one side so you can drill the hole straight down angle.

Adjust the height of the block and use to change the angle at which the legs come. It’s a good idea to experiment before assembling the stool. Enter your legs. Use a brush carpenter, sandpaper, a router or other tool of your choice to lower the first 8 cm (3 “) from the tip of the wooden sticks until they were 4 cm (1.5”) in diameter . After gluing the legs and insert them into the holes. Rebate and sandpaper the protruding parts above the 24 inch bar stools until the surface is flat and ready to use. Add the finishing touches.