How to Build a Homemade Wooden Wine Rack

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We offer a peculiar method to build your own home made wooden wine rack. If you have enough money to buy a luxury to your shelf wines, today I propose to use a very effective. It is a home that can be made shelf gathering some materials that could well be found in the storehouse of your home. No excuses not to decorate and improve the aesthetic appearance of the different environments of your home. Surprise your guests with this unique way to store wine. Steps to build a homemade wooden wine rack.

The first thing to do is cut wood with a circular saw; in this case the measurement is approximately 80 cm. The same will happen the ¾ wooden pegs with 23 cm long. Mark horizontal lines. At the top of the rack you must dial a distance of 15 cm between each square.

Now mark the center of the base and from there makes divisions of three centimeters. This space should be placed bottles of wooden wine rack. Be careful not to skip one of the horizontal lines. When you orient drill holes with the base of a bottle of wine, drawing its contour and drilling as straight as possible.

DIY Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks is a good place to store wine bottles and preventing them from being shaken and can be built to keep the wine fresh. Building a wine rack at home requires only basic carpentry skills, but you can use the shelf itself for many years.

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Keep organized wine is simple with a homemade wine rack. Measure the bottom of a bottle of wine to determine the size of the holders must be in the wooden wine racks. Holders should be slightly wider than the bottle to allow easy access to the bottles. Use the hole saw to cut semicircular portions of one side of each of the four pieces of 8-inch wide wood.

Pilot holes 3 holes in 9-inch wide panels. 9-inch portion is vertical, and the portion of 12-inch sides acts as wooden wine racks. Drill two pilot holes for each of the wine rack each side must have eight pilot holes. Place one party to stand against the side and the line with the pilot holes before securing with screws. Start with a bottom. Repeat step 4 with the tops of the grid. Connect the other end of the wine rack to the four sections of rack to finish with two levels.