How To Custom Secret Storage Furniture

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Secret Storage Furniture – Although it may seem extravagant (or too reminiscent of a cheap mystery novel), a hidden drawer compartment can be a perfect way to make sure your valuables are protected in case a thief enters your house. The secret drawers have been used for centuries and are often easy to build and also extremely successful in protecting your precious possessions.

Instructions: Measure the dimensions of the drawer’s interior with a rigid or flexible tape measure. Due to its ductility, a soft tape measure like those usually used in sewing may be the best choice. Cut a fake secret storage furniture bottom using the plywood sheet. Use the inside dimensions of the drawer as a guide, making both the length and width 1/8 inch smaller than the guide. Measure the necessary height based on the objects you intend to hide.

For subtlety purposes, it is a good idea to make your false bottom no more than 1 inch above the true bottom of the drawer. Mark inside the drawer where the false bottom will be located. Insert screws on sides of a secret storage furniture at marked height. All must have the same elevation to ensure that the false bottom is installed in a straight line. Four screws are required: two on each side, on the front and back of the drawer.