How to Decorate Small Galley Kitchen Space

Posted on Kitchen Design

How to decorate small galley kitchen space dramatically often covered cabinets to maximize space and turn the kitchen into the functional space expected to enter everything you need within them and avoid placing objects on the kitchen counters.

For those who still lack storage space, covering the walls of cabinets from floor to ceiling, occupying the entire vertical area will be helpful. Then place decorative baskets or shelves on top or in a zone free wall cabinets is a great way of how to decorate small galley kitchen space.

Another way to view a larger kitchen is through color. Cabinets or light walls are the best option to achieve wins light to the space and also the kitchen look more spacious. Cabinets with glass doors are also widely used to remove the effect of feeling cramped in the kitchen.

On the other hand, how to decorate small galley kitchen space, add a decorative dashboard to harmonize the environment, include decorative kitchen utensils, some modern appliances of a cheerful and fun color, and the plants those used when cooking or some flowers.