How to Dry Wooden Coat Rack

Posted on Home Furniture

Build a rack using decorative hooks and “driftwood”. This type of material is used for a variety of home projects, because it is wooden coat rack that has been washed away by the water and can be easily found on the banks of the river or near the coast. The precise “driftwood” dries before being used to make any type of accessory or furniture. When building with a material like this, the key is finding the right piece.

Is 5,8cm from the edge of the piece of wooden coat rack chosen and drill a whole 3 mm through it? This will help the screw that holds the rack to the wall. It measures 40,6cm from this hole and drill another of the same caliber. Is 5,2cm of the first hole and drill a hole of 2.3mm every 10,1cm. These will be to place the hooks.

Locate the beams in the wall, with your stud finder, and position your piece of driftwood against it, so that the holes 3 mm remaining on them. Place the level on the wooden coat rack to make sure they are parallel to the floor. Wood screwed to the wall using screws 10,1cm and screws the hooks into the holes 3 mm. These hooks hold your hats, jackets and scarves.