How to Make a Kitchen Look Bigger

Posted on Kitchen Design

A compact kitchen can be convenient, though narrow, crowded and claustrophobic. Here are thoughts how to make a kitchen look bigger. Even one or two of them will give you a feel and a more expansive look. The old lighting makes a kitchen look even closer and outdated than it really is. The new pendant lights create an environment and a set of lights where you need them. If you have a source of natural light, take it. Do not use blinds or other heavy options or closed for windows.

Paint the walls and cabinets. How to make a kitchen look bigger will have a spacious feel with light colored walls. With crown molding including the illusion of height is created. Also illuminates the cabinets, either with paint or new fronts and natural wood. Just imagine a semi-matte paint on the cabinets to catch and reflect light, and maybe even one or two glass inserts to look beyond the eye.

Make the striking dashboard. Again be sure to choose a bright and reflective surface. The mosaics of the dashboard will reflect light and create the illusion of space and depth. Think crackle tiles or mosaics bright yellow band of smaller size. The larger tiles can how to make a kitchen look bigger.