How to Make Outdoor Curtains for Pergola

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Outdoor curtains for pergola – Make your own outdoor curtains for pergola. First you need to measure how high your pergola structure is to determine how long the curtain (I measured from the ground to the center of the horizontal boards hung them). I found that all four corners of my pergola different heights, so I have to make different lengths to fit any space. Once you have your measurements, add 2 “on the top and 2″ below the upper and lower edges. Aperture width is up to you, depending on the material you choose and the size of your space. Fabric I had a good size.

Once you have the measurements of your final, you can reduce each of the eight you a piece of curtain panels to measure. In each panel, fold the top and bottom end of more than 1” and pin in place, press your seams flat with an iron. Fold the hem back each other “, PIN and press with iron again. After the sewing of the bottom tapping folded and pressed, this is the moment when you can slip undertakes to keep their curtains at the lower end. Outdoor curtains for pergola and down cut back on how much they blew around with four lead by weight for curtains, but you can also use the washing machine zinc or some other portion of the heavy metal in the edges, just make sure that the outer coated, so it does not rust

Once your hem is pressed and enter your weight, you can sew the seam closed with a sewing machine. I decided to use a serge and a bead rolled to finish outdoor curtains for pergola, but if you do not have access to a serge, just repeat the process hem the same you did for the upper / lower hem on the side as well (just cut down each pleat hem from 1 “to 1.2″, so that the sides do not look great). Before inserting grommets through the upper rim, marking with a pencil, how much you want each to seal. Cut a small” x “scissors cloth on each sign and follow the instructions on the grommet kit to glands in any place.

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