How To Make Pillow Bench Cushion Outdoor

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How To Make Pillow Bench Cushion Outdoor – A bench is a piece of convenient furnishings in your garden to sit outside and enjoy nature. Do banks around your home and in your most comfortable patio with a simple homemade pillow cushion.

To make pillow bench cushion outdoor measure the length and width bench seat. Measure and cut two pieces of fabric that are an inch wider and one inch longer than the seat. Place the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides facing each other. Pin fabric pieces along the edges with pins to hold them together as stitching.

Sew along all four edges of the two pieces of fabric pillow bench cushion outdoor, leaving a 6 – inch opening in the center of one of the long edges with a crotch 1/2 inches. Remove the pins as you sew. Turn the pillowcase right side through whole 6 inches. Gather fiberfill to fill the pillowcase. Pull the pieces a part fiber filling, gnashing back together and pull the pieces apart again several times before placing them in the box. Fill the case until the mattress is about 2 centimeters thick times in the raw edges of the fabric along the opening 6 inch by 1/2 inch. Slip-stitch the gap closed with needle and thread.