How to Make Room Divider Screens

Posted on Interior

Room divider screens can create dramatic effect on a room addition to providing privacy or concealment. They can be easily assembled and customized to reflect your style or decor.

Instructions to make room divider screens: cut boards 2-by-2 inch lengths of 6 ft. You will need eight to four panels. Each panel is 24-cm in diameter, therefore, will create four panels of 8-ft room divider. Cutting eight sections boards 2-to-2-inch 20-inch long. Cut eight bushings 22-cm long and sand it.

Place the 2-by-2s down and measure 3-inch down from the top and 3-cm above the bottom of one side. Drill the holes. Paint and seal all its parts. Let dry completely.

Put on one end of the dowel in the hole. Put glue on the other ends of the bushings and push the other post about. Slide the two short pieces of 2-by-2s on top and bottom and screw from the outside of the pole.

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Cut the fabric to 5-ft 11-cm long by 21-cm wide. Sew both ends and sides with a double-fold 4/1-inch hem. Place on the bushings and be self-stick Velcro on the ends and where the other side of the pin. Finally, to make room divider screens, place hinges 1-ft from the upper and lower hinge panels and to each other.