How to Paint Kitchen Open with Living Room

Posted on Kitchen Design

Open concept floor plans are popular in modern design house. Result in open spaces where living space flows into the next. A concept kitchen open with living room is often referred to as a great atmosphere and choosing paint colors for it can be a challenge. With the myriad of color options available to you to decide what will work best with your design style can be mind boggling.

Instructions how to paint kitchen open with living room: attach the kitchen and lounge. Choose a neutral color to unite the room without overwhelming furniture and architectural elements. Apply the same color tones with a primary color. Then select three complementary colors. Watch a color wheel to see the colors that are opposite each other.

Consider other colors in the room. Consider also the upholstery and furniture colors and choose colors that complement rather than conflict with them. After that, choose colors that go with your decor. Highlight cropping window or architectural elements such as columns with a bright color as the primary blue. Paint the wall beside a light shade of orange. Finally, to paint kitchen open with living room, paint the ceiling and window and door trim white.