How to Painted Tile Backsplash

Posted on Kitchen Backsplash

If you have an unattractive kitchen tile backsplash, you can update in just a weekend with some layers of painted tile backsplash. Dashboards protect your walls from splashes and spills cooking greasy foods, so it is not surprising that this surface can be stained and discolored with time.

While you can paint tiles, it is important to use the right kind of paint and prepare the surface properly to ensure your painted tile backsplash lasts for many years. Scrub the back wall with a stiff brush, powder detergent and warm to remove any dirt from the surface of the water and dry tile. Rinse tile when finished the two cleaning.

Use roller to apply a primer to alcohol-based tile and grout. Leave the primer to dry completely before carry over. Apply two coats of latex paint over the primer with a roller or foam. Cover the paint with a coat of water based polyurethane applied with a roller or brush foam.

Keep Up fine sanding sponge wet sanding until the surface feels soft and slippery. Remove painter’s tape when the last layer of polyurethane is dry. Advice: If you want to painted tile backsplash, use latex paint and apply the designs after step four.