How to Rip Wood Grain Porcelain Tile

Posted on Flooring

The demolition of a tiling is a major demolition project. If you are lucky the tiles are glued to a subfloor. However, if you are stuck in a mortar bed then you have a lot of hard work. Do a little research first to find out what you’re up against, so you have the right at hand to deal with wood grain porcelain tile.

Check that the wood grain porcelain tile is glued to a subfloor or a mortar base. To find out what the floor tiles are attached are, look for a floor vent. If there is, remove it and look at the sides of the opening to see if there is a wood grain porcelain tile with mortar on top. If no floor vents.

Remove the threshold and see what’s underneath. Rip up tiles glued to a subfloor using a crowbar and a hammer. Remove tiles mortar renting a chipping hammer. Bring home a chisel and tile chisel – chisel metal bent at the end, made specifically for chiseling away tiles. With tile chisel locked in the chipper, place the tip of the chisel at the base of one of the adjacent tiles where the first tile was removed by hand.