How to Tile Above Countertop is Replaced

Posted on Kitchen Backsplash

Tile above the kitchen counter, also known as a backsplash, is one of the best ways to customize the look of your kitchen. The key how to tile above countertop is replaced is to make sure you work with careful when removing the tile; otherwise the wall behind it may require replacement as well.

Instructions how to tile above countertop is replaced: position the chisel edge along the bottom row of tiles above the counter. Gently tap the chisel with a hammer to break free wall tile. Use a pry bar to pull the free tiles on the wall. Then place the new tile on top of the counter in the layout you choose tile backsplash. Cut tiles to fit the space on a tile saw.

Apply small amount of adhesive mortar thin layer on the wall of the rear wall. Use the teeth of the trowel mortar, creating grooves that hold the tiles in place. Place each tile mortar and turn slightly in place. Finally, how to tile above countertop is replaced is fill the new tile backsplash by spreading the grout on the tiles and pressing the grout into joints with a rubber trowel. Allow the grout to dry overnight.