Installing Basement Wall Panels

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The panels of extruded polystyrene foam simplify the process of finishing a basement wall. Instead of having to build a wooden frame for a wall and install it on the basement wall, you can apply these panels directly to the basement wall panels. Pound for pound, they provide excellent insulation and moisture effectively block more than a standard roll insulation in a wall frame. You will not need many tools to get started on this work.

Measure the height of the basement wall panels with a tape measure. You do this to make sure your foam sheets fit. If they are too long, you mark them with a knife and breaking off the excess. If they are too short, you have to cut additional pieces of foam plates to add to the top. Construction adhesive positioned on the back of the first panel.

Place the next panel so that it is positioned directly against the first pane and continues until the basement wall panels are covered with foam panels. Place a furring strip vertically at the intersection of the first two panels. Punch holes in the furring strip and the masonry behind it every 12 inches, starting from a couple of inches from the bottom.