Installing Glass Tile for Backsplash in Kitchen

Posted on Kitchen Backsplash

Glass tile for backsplash in kitchen are installed in almost the same manner as ceramic or porcelain tiles are installed. Center the line above the stove or sink and mark with a pencil. The line must connect to a level before you mark on the wall.  Turn off the power to the kitchen and remove lids output jacks on the back wall with a screwdriver. Set aside the covers for later installation.

White latex modified thinset Spread thin layer on the wall with a notched trowel. Start spreading the mortar in the center line of the rear wall. The technique for spreading thinset thin layer is slightly different with glass tile for backsplash in kitchen. First, spread the mortar on the wall with the flat edge of the trowel. Finally, use the flat to slightly flatten the peaks in the adhesive edge.

Press glass tile for backsplash in kitchen into the adhesive rather thin layer mortar. Place a spacer between the tiles of each of the glass tile spacing. Begin installing tiles on the bottom of the wall and go up. Use the center line as an installation guide. Cut tiles to size using a wet saw or wheel clamp glass tiles. Wait for setting tiles on the adhesive thin layer mortar overnight.