Kitchen Decorating Themes

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Kitchen decorating themes – It’s a shame that most of the time, the wine bottles are discarded after having enjoyed the last drop. Wine bottles are more than just wine containers, can also serve as decorative art. The labels themselves are often beautifully designed. Instead of throwing bottles into the trash, you give them a second life as a decoration for your kitchen.

Kitchen decorating themes create account wine bottles as works of decorative art in Tuscan style cuisine. Choose accounts that have rich range of colors Baroque, such as burgundy, gold and purple. Use details from jewelry to estilizarlas textured and creating a collar around the bottle. Find colguijes with your initials to allow a personal touch. You can also opt for a range of colors with dark brown earthy tones as well as walnut and mahogany.

Wine bottles also work as magnificent paintings for decoupage. This technique works well with the kitchen in the style of the French countryside. You can recycle wrapping paper wrappers to create decoupage, focusing on patterns and colors that combine as the color key of your kitchen decorating themes and traditional French cuisine: blue and white. Search these colors when choosing your paper to adhere and cover over the bottles to create the decoupage.