Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Posted on Kitchen Ideas

Laminate kitchen countertops of all kinds are made of wood strips, bonded and pressed, glued chips, etc, which are covered with a sheet, as the name suggests, other material. This decorative sheet may be of different thicknesses depending on their quality. The finish is waterproof and is available in solid colors or imitation of different finishes such as granite, marble or other stone, wood or stainless steel.

It is smooth and generally soft. The sheet overlying the wooden piece ends below “tucked”. The edges are sealed to prevent opening with moisture or steam produced by cooking. The laminate kitchen countertops different thicknesses are sold. The edges can be semi rounded, round or square.

When different pieces come together can be sealed or bonded to a metal part to prevent chipping or cuts the wood show through. Laminate kitchen countertops not need special care in cleaning, although it is advisable not to use abrasive cleaners or steel wool. Laminated also have to be well sealed and have a cap that aisle wall, especially in the areas of cooking and water. If wet chipboard swells inside and separated from the decorative sheet. It is advisable to have a back or backsplash that prevents wet.