Maintaining Sunbrella Outdoor Furniture

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Sunbrella outdoor furniture is a very popular material for outdoor furniture. This tropical wood contains naturally occurring oils that help to protect it from rain, sunlight and exposure to the elements. As this wood is so strong and durable, it will last for many years with little maintenance. If you want your sunbrella outdoor furniture to remain a certain color but you need to perform routine maintenance tasks. Read on to learn how to preserve your favorite teak pieces.


Clean the sunbrella outdoor furniture every six months using a cleaner designed for wood furniture. Apply the cleaner on a soft cloth and then wipe away any dust, dirt or stains. Apply sunbrella oil to the wood regularly to help illuminate the furniture trades. Use a cloth to rub the oil into the wood, or paint it using a regular brush, and be sure to work in the same direction as the wood grain.

Improve the furniture silvery patina, wiping off the material’s natural oils with a dry cloth. The patina develops naturally over three to six months, but you can speed up the process by drying up the protective oils. Refinish the teak to change its color or lighten their appearance. To refinish, primary sand the wood with a low grit sandpaper, then using a wood stain with a cloth or brush.

Protect your sunbrella outdoor furniture from extreme cold through to the inside of very cold days. To prevent mold, do not leave your teak furniture sitting outside in the snow or heavy rain. Consider moving objects if located in an area that is subject to frequent attacks of still water after storms.