Make a Acrylic Shelves Finished for Book Revolving

Posted on Home Decor

If you are a lover of books with thousands of books and nowhere to put them, you can activate a coat closet unused in a movable bookcase. This movable bookcase filled the door of a standard cabinet.A stabilization post rises through the acrylic shelves and joins the top frame of the cabinet. Four wheels maintain healthy weight and help convert the library.

Remove the cabinet door and any hardware. Cover the holes with wood filler, then sand and repaint the trim if necessary. Sand all plates with medium and fine sandpaper to prepare them for stains and acrylic shelves finish. Coat each piece of wood, including the ear, with two coats of stain. Thoroughly dry between coats. Repeat with acrylic finish. Drill a hole in the center of each circle to accommodate the plug timber.

Build the framework acrylic shelves joining the two dressers for the top board. Attached through the back with wood screws. Secure the strength of each shelf to fix the supports in place under each shelf. Screw wheels at the four corners on the bottom frame. Insert the pin through the hole below the bottom shelf. Finish attaching the bottom of the frame with wood screws.