Make a Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Posted on Interior

Creating your own shelves is often the only way to avoid buying nondescript furniture, unique for all of one size. Making your own reclaimed wood shelves will not only save money but will reuse materials that the final product rustic and aged. Also, because most household waste wood comes from old furniture, fencing and other do-it-yourself job, it is important to re-use part of the wood to protect the environment.

One slice of the beam with the circular saw. Wear goggles to avoid flying debris in the eye. Depending on the size of the reclaimed wood shelves you may need more than one beam. Cut slices 1/2 inch thick. Ideally, each slice must be 3.5 meters long, but you can change measurements according to their own needs. Sand the wood slices using the sander and sandpaper. Apply the glaze with a brush. Wear a mask when the varnish is applied because they may contain chemicals that can be harmful to the lungs. Screw the shelf frame to the wall. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can get frames of wood or metal shelves any furniture store. The distance between the frames of the platform should be 10 shorter than the length of wood inch slices. Place the slices of wood under the shelf.Make a reclaimed wood shelves has finished.