Make a Wood Wall Paneling

Posted on Interior

Wood is one of the most charming decorative options. For this reason, we suggest you take one room with a frieze of this material by placing the tongue and groove slats diagonally. This type of arrangement, diagonal is perfectly suited to modern home interiors. Wood wall paneling technique, as you will see, is simple and the result, in addition to warm.

Before beginning to work we have to calculate the surface we are going to be coated with the frieze to avoid over or missing material. As support we will use some simple pine strips that will create an air chamber. Step by step in making a wood wall paneling.

We remove all items that could hinder make a wood wall paneling. Mark on the wall the points on which we will place the strips of restraint: the first horizontal line we do to 5 centimeters of soil. We continue placing the corresponding measure cut lamas to the end and make the holes for plugs with a whole saw. The socket on the bottom mounting adhesive bonding and to the top of a profile “L” to go over the slats of the frieze as a final shot and put angles at the junctions of the walls.