Make Bamboo Room Divider

Posted on Interior

To build our bamboo room divider , we will use natural elements like bamboo, although we might use any other branch. And is that many of the elements that nature offers us can help us to make furniture or objects of decoration.

First, we cut all the pieces we need to build the case. Next, make holes for lamps using the driver drill fitted with a saw crown the same diameter as the base of the bulbs. Next, we look good all holes using the cordless drill and sandpaper crown. Removed the dust produced. Can now assemble the structure . We apply an adhesive mounting, quality, durable and high initial tack, and joined in the singing parts. Is the turn of the finish bamboo room divider.

Once you have removed the dust produced, we put on latex gloves and give a multipurpose primer to water, with the help of a short nap roller. When performing this type of work, you should line the table and cover the floor with plastic or protective role, to prevent staining of paint bamboo room divider. And then joined together by lamps some strips, in this case, automatic. Now, insert the halogen bulbs in the corresponding holes.