Make Your Own Large Outdoor Lanterns

Posted on Outdoor Furniture

Large outdoor lanterns – Since outdoor decorations and lighting elements spend much time on the battered by the weather, you hesitant to allocate much of your home decorating budget towards their purchase. However, outdoor lighting is essential for outdoor conversation areas, which would be useless after nightfall without lights. large outdoor lanterns, when set on the ground or hung on tree branches, offer low, romantic ambient and even profitable when made from everyday objects.

Glass Jar large outdoor lanterns, Cut two pieces of 22-gauge wire to the height of the space between your large outdoor lanterns and match from where they hang, plus 6 cm and the circumference of your Jars mouth. Wrap the end of a piece of wire around the mouth of the pot, turning tightly around her at the end of the circle. Wrap the other tunnel over the mouth of the pot, from the opposite side, and rotating it tightly around itself at the end of the circle.

Keep figuring out the jar of wire hangers that secure the top, so the lantern will hang evenly. Unfold and twist the tops of the wires together in this place to complete the construction. Repeat with remaining wire and pitchers. Add a centimeter of sand to keep from overheating in the bottom of the large outdoor lanterns Hang on branches or hooks and drop in tea lights.