Make Your Own Outdoor Topiary

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Outdoor topiary – Topiary is an ancient art of pruning evergreens, vines, grasses and shrubs in different ways. People also arrange flowers and fruits artistically to form topiaries in different ways. Most common forms include topiary animals like peacocks, turtles, chickens and rabbits. Although creating shrub topiaries need years of practice, patience and a steady hand, selecting a topiary frame to your liking and use it to create your topiary outdoors. Strategically placed outside their porch entrance or front steps to improve curb appeal.

Outdoor topiary, Fill the container with potting soil of good quality two – thirds of the way, and level with a hand shovel. Place the topiary frame in the middle of the container, so it rests evenly over the surface of the potting soil. Immerse Sphagnum moss in a bucket of water for 20 minutes. The amount you need depends on the size of your topiary frame. Lift a handful of moss water and squeeze it between your palms to drain the water out. Packaging under topiary, filling hard to ensure that there are no gaps or holes visible. Do this until the frame is completely filled. Although sphagnum moss is not essential, topiary gives a fuller look.

Wind of several sections of the fishing line around the outdoor topiary frame to keep the moss in place and prevent sticking out of the way. Use a stick to pokes holes spaced two to three inches apart directly around the shape. Lower a climbing plant in each hole slowly, and tamp the soil around each. Water the soil in the container with a watering regularly so that the roots of the vines established.