Mesquite Wood Furniture Manufacturing

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Mesquite wood furniture – Mesquite is durable and is not known to split, warp or buckle as wood settles or shifts. This suggests strength, ability to handle expansion and contraction and its long-term wear characteristics. It manages moisture and weight good. It has a wide range of grain and color.

In fact, it’s veining exotic and unpredictable, making it a must for many tabletops and flooring applications. Mesquite surface defects seen as good qualities. Something to be cherished and certainly out of place in the rustic furniture that is usually made of it.

Often found in short -, shrub heights, many woodworkers do not outweigh Mesquite; believe that the correct length is not available for the furniture. Actually, Mesquite trees grow as tall as 20 to 30 feet. These lengths make furniture making pretty good. Because of its coarse structure and defects, mesquite wood furniture not necessarily suitable for a traditional style furniture. Most mesquite furniture manufacturers tend towards rustic and practical design when using Mesquite.

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But not Leslie Micelle, a furniture manufacturer uses mesquite wood furniture in unusual ways. Her traditional Chippendale chair cut and carved from Mesquite. Tells a different story about this amazing hardwood. Her work shows that mesquite wood carving and sanding handle very well. An article she wrote about her experiences with the Mesquite can be found in a book called “Wood”, published by Tauten Press, 1985.