Mid Century Modern Dresser

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Overall,  color scheme, integrated modular elements with Mid Century Modern Dresser multiple uses, and featured curvilinear forms. Sometimes,   Eames defined the era A pop sensibility reported how influential furniture designers wanted their function in the average home. To usher in a futuristic design were re-vinyl instead of leather, bright prints instead of dark brocade.

Acrylic and plywood instead of carved wood, and steel tube instead of wrought iron. New types of production allowed making sturdy furniture, large, not symmetrical, and the fluid elegance redefined so bright, open, minimalist, rather than adorned. Many pieces of modern furniture fulfilled multiple functions and changed the organization of informal spaces to mid century modern dresser.

Kidneys, ellipses, rectangles, S, and flares replaced the circles, squares and rectangles of a house pre WWII. Rich Art Deco colors as desired remained outdated public captivating monochromes like gray and black, highlighted by contrasting hues like turquoise, ruby ​​red, chartreuse, and tangerine. Giant blocks of color added to the modular, puzzle piece effect when they are set off against clear acrylic, blonde plywood, or shiny chrome. mid century modern dresser furniture