Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

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When installing your mobile home kitchen cabinets, must be firmly anchored to your wall studs. Solid wall provide adequate support to the burden of his cabinet, such as holding food, dishes and glasses. Leveling your cabinets keeps its doors open when closed. If your cabinets do not sit flush with the wall, the door is not closed. Remove all cabinet doors before installing them, and mark each door with duct tape and a pencil. This prevents the doors from being damaged during installation and makes the lighter when installing them fitted.

Place the corner mobile home kitchen cabinets through the top and bottom of the back of your closet. Drill screws through the pilot holes and screws tight to the back of the cabin by drilling tightly ledger.

Check your mobile home kitchen cabinets for leveling placing his carpenter level inside the door, and check to make sure your doors and knobs do not interfere with each other. Hold the corner cabinet and the adjoining cabinet in your kitchen together at the top and bottom with his hand clamps. Screw the cabinet doors to his designated place with a screwdriver and screws.