Modern Kitchens 2019

Posted on Kitchen Ideas

Modern kitchens 2019 valued uninterrupted lines and minimalist chic accessories. Crisp white, black and shades of gray instantly add contemporary style to a kitchen. To keep airy space and keep retro feel, limit use black to accentuate areas such as curtains, tablecloths or seat cushions, any pattern of black, like a mosaic pattern, date feel. Gray tones are an ideal color wall and work well with stainless steel.

Flat front white cabinets with stainless steel handles are stylish and contemporary. Use white subway tiles with gray cement slurry dashboards to create a subtle pattern in a space otherwise clean and uninterrupted.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, clean lines are the key. Wood as maple or oak is ideal. Another option is black or white laminate cabinets. Doors of transparent glass or frosted that open from bottom are attractive options for upper cabinets. Install handles or knobs on drawer’s polished nickel or stainless steel. Floor to ceiling cupboards added continuous space is a key feature of modern kitchens 2019.

Color schemes inspired by environment are modern kitchens 2019. Avoid saturated greens and browns. Opt for muted olive green, beige and pale yellow. A pale olive green paint for cabinets and a wall of light brown or sand is interesting without being overwhelming.