Modern Silver Nightstand DIY

Posted on Home Furniture

Silver nightstand – Recycling and DIY creations (from the acronym ‘Do it yourself, that is,’ Do it yourself ‘) are not only fashionable decoration, but has become an excellent solution’ low cost ‘to give a new ‘look’ at home without involving a high outlay.

This trend has increased the possibilities of interior design to include original and unique pieces for which the crisis is not inconvenient, since its ‘manufacture’ only requires a good dose of creativity, skill and some usually very low cost. Thus, it is possible to renew home decoration cheaply and pocket longer obstacle to give back to the rented flats sober air.

In previous post we have given you some ideas for recycling your terrace as well as your interior or create original headboards, lamps and candleholders DIY, among other ornaments. Silver nightstand for decoration badroom, today we enumerate 15 everyday objects for decoration ‘low cost’ of your home. So eye! Before throwing anything to the container keep in mind what can be transformed with a pinch of imagination.

Make a silver nightstand from wooden: Its structure is used to create countless furniture. From bedside tables side tables or shelves, through hallways and even closets. For it can be sanded and painted to create beautiful designs. However, as is also used, as untreated wood can give a rustic, vintage or industrial air, depending on the model and combinations thereof.