Movable Kitchen Island

Posted on Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island is something simply fantastic, it provides extra space for kneading, cutting, storing and can be converted into a mini-casual dining. The options are limitless to keep her from building one from scratch, to assemble with two tables pushed back as proposed here, but what if you have little space or want to have this convenience ?. No need to deprive yourself of them, as the movable kitchen island Lily has come to the rescue!

People Habitat has created this beautiful kitchen cart that either can be used as an island. It has spacious shelves to store your utensils and a resistant surface on top, treated with a high resistance lacquer that protects it from scratches and scuffs, besides being completely washable and durable. It also has wheels on all four corners so you can move it from one place to another without much effort.

Movable Kitchen Island Lily is a perfect choice for those who want to redecorate your kitchen, add more functional spaces and to help keep this vital space organized. Size of movable kitchen island (160x99x63 cm) make it ideal to take advantage neglected areas can even be placed against a wall when not needed. Beautiful and helpful.