Natural Slab Wood Furniture

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Slab wood furniture – When purchasing a solid wood door, the one thing that can always be relied upon is their durability. And while they also look great on both the inside and outside of your home, it is possible their physical integrity may outlast your desire to keep using them. For many reasons, you may one day want to replace the existing door so good you with a new one.

But if you do, what to do with slab wood furniture? As a natural material, wood can of course be recycled. However, reusing is always a better choice, as far as the environment is concerned. In the home decor market today, which often means epicycle, or make something new from smooth old? As the resulting solid sheets of fine quality wood, old wooden door you are the main ingredients for some of your own up cycling project.

From the garden to the bedroom, and elsewhere in the house, here are some ideas for how you can reuse your old door when installing a new one. Add slab wood furniture for your garden is one of the most common things a homeowner would do, with endless varieties of tables, chairs, swings and benches are available new. However, for the addition of more unique, consider creating your own furniture from your old door. Solid slabs of wood are ideal for making rustic bench or porch swing, and will last a lifetime with proper care.