Outdoor Bistro Table Ideas

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Outdoor bistro table – The use of recycled wood to build a bar outside table ensures that the final product will be unique and have a rustic charm. This bar is high enough to move to and serve at parties, and can also be sitting there as a table with high stools. The key to building with reclaimed wood to provide sufficient structural support below lumber so the old wood does not support voltages can not handle. This is easily accomplished by building a wooden frame 2-for-4 and reclaimed wood enclosing the outside of the frame. The wood must be treated with waterproofing sealer and galvanized screws should be used.

Outdoor bistro table organize two treated with 2-by-4 boards 48 inches above the ground, parallel to each other with their larger toward the ground side. Space about 4 meters away. Set another pair of identical tables on top of them, perpendicular to them so that their corners overlap and the four together form a perfect square frame measuring 48 centimeters square.

Outdoor bistro table drill four holes at each corner of overlapping plates. September 2 galvanized wood screws half-inch into the holes and drill into place, securing the four together to form a frame. Repeat with four identical tables to make a second identical square frame.